Headlight Restoration


“Are your headlights looking dull, cloudy, yellowish or foggy?” “Do you have problems seeing while driving at night?”

Most people do not realize that they do not have to buy new expensive replacement headlights. We now offer a solution/service that will restore and brighten up those cloudy and scratched headlights, and will guarantee to improve your vision while driving at night as well as improving the overall look of your vehicle!  Most factory replacement headlights can range from $150.00 to $1200.00. And that’s just for one!

When your vehicle’s headlights are new, the factory applies a protective coating over your polycarbonate plastic lenses.  The coating performs extremely well for many years, but due to acid rain, road grime, debris and exposure to ultraviolet rays, the original coating wears off; exposing the polycarbonate plastic to the harsh environment of the road.  Over time your headlights become cloudy, faded and yellowed; reducing the optical illumination necessary to see safely in near-dark or night-time driving. In some cases up to 70% of overall visibility and performance is lost.

Plastic components can yellow and haze with weather, sun and sand, limiting visibility and diminishing the appearance and value of your vehicle. While the impact on a vehicle’s value varies, the dangers in terms of limited visibility are clear: It is a factor in 2.8 million accidents, 23,000 fatal crashes and 2,300 pedestrian deaths each year, according to the Motor Vehicle Lighting Council.


   Improves Lighting

   Better night vision
   Eliminates the need to replace old, hazy headlights
   Enhances the overall appearance of your vehicle
   2 year in shop warranty